About Me

Who Am I 

Welcome to my blog, I am a husband and Christian pastor who believes in the power of God’s words. And my goal is to inspire everyone that visits this blog!

Being a pastor, I devote most of my time to the ministry. And as a christian, I have been actively serving in ministry for roughly ten years now. And during that time I have encountered countless fiery trials and cruel hardships that I somehow through God’s grace overcame. My life’s setbacks have taught me to trust in God more – they have helped me to grow in faith.

My Purpose

The purpose of my blog is to communicate the message of love; the gospel. I believe that every life is precious to God, and as such, needs to be encouraged, empowered, and loved. And for this reason, together with the mandate that God has given to me to reach his people. I hope to connect and share the message of Christ worldwide through my blog. And most of my writing will be based on the bible, and how we can use God’s word to overcome life’s obstacles.

Once again, welcome to my blog, thank you for dropping by, you can also find me on  Faithful Bloggers.