Advance Towards the Crystallization of Your Dreams

Human beings are inclined to make many plans. Some are incredible because they interpret all our dreams and desire to materialize them. Others stay in the plane of dreams because they will never be realized, and a third category: those that remain forever in the trunk of dreams and nothing else because we do not make the slightest effort to make them come true.

But all of them are traversed by a common denominator: the aspiration to go beyond, to overcome the stagnation, to advance one more step on the ladder that leads us to full realization.

Is it possible to realize all dreams at once? Of course not, we need time and perseverance to do so.

It is not enough to have a clear vision of how much we want to achieve, but also to take firm, sustainable steps in time – that is, to know that there are short, medium and long and long-term goals – and to persevere, that is, not to be overcome by obstacles.

And whether? God grants it. If we submit our plans and projects in His hands, and of course — if they are in line with His divine will — they will come true. 

The willingness to persevere is on you, but the time is from God, as King Solomon notes: “Do not boast about tomorrow since you do not know what the day will bring. “(Proverbs 27: 1. New Living Translation)

Keep in mind that the plans and projects we conceive can be very, very good, but if they are not within what God has conceived, they will never come true. These then, time, perseverance, and the will of God, there three elements combined will help us to reach our most expensive desires.

If you have not surrendered your life to Jesus Christ, today is the day for you to do so. If you hold unto the hand of the Lord Jesus, you will begin to have the enjoyable experience of growing in your personal, spiritual, and family life. Decide; today, say yes to Jesus Christ.

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